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A Game of Cards is a card based game structure that can be used to create learning opportunities around organizational processes or challenges. The simple framework was designed to facilitate idea generation and meaningful learning discussion while remaining easy to use and highly portable. The infrastructure can be leveraged in a limitless variety of organizational challenges and processes based on desired learning outcomes.

The game infrastructure leverages multiple types of cards, each designed to allow problems and solutions to be identified and considered. Organizations interested in introducing new technologies, leveraging process based strategies and exploring the power of individual experiences and knowledges can have custom card based games that allow their employees to: A Game Tailored for You

The potential to leverage this infrastructure to create low cost, high impact learning outcomes is endless. There are several levels of customization, ranging from technical implementations that utilize a similar construct of the game of phones to fully customized problems and cards that represent unique solutions and constraints. Topics can range from mobile learning, the use of serious games in education or motivation, sales force training, policy alignment for commercial or medical industries, post traumatic stress or therapeutic constructs or brainstorming for innovation and social interactions.

Each type of customization includes expert opinions and a problem discovery evaluation to ensure that the card game developed results in the desired outcomes. Customized challenges or problem sets and supporting cards and game play mechanisms can be created for any type of problem or challenge.

Card Examples

The number of cards used in this game may range from 50-53 based on a standard 54 card deck with a card reserved for game play instructions. The infrastructure was designed to use multiple card types, ranging from 3 card types to 5 card types to create meaningful structures that can be selected by individuals to form individual or organizational perspectives.

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